Welcome to Heritage Aso-Oke ~ The Aso-Oke Specialists!

Heritage have, over the past twenty years, specialised in the making and selling of the highest quality Aso-Oke to our discerning clients. We have an excellent international reputation, for both the outstanding quality of our Aso-Okes and also in the level of service we give to each and every one of our customers.

Our Aso-Oke's range from the local traditional types to the more refined modern ones. Our designs are constantly featured in many society magazines.

All About Aso-oke

History of Aso-Oke, Types of Aso-Oke, Production Process of Aso-Oke.

Choosing your Aso-oke Colour Combination

Choosing your aso-oke colours can be a simple yet very complex task.

We have some suggestions on how to choose your colours and have also matched some colours for you.

View our Colour Thread Chart

Our colour thread chart will give you an idea of the various colours we use and enable you to choose your colours visually.


No attire is complete without the right jewellery.

Heritage stock a large and varied amount of jewellery to help you stand out.